what if?

What if we streamlined
the education system in Ontario?

We could...

put 5500 new computers into Ontario’s classrooms…

hire 280 new music teachers…

do repairs to make all schools safe and modern…

offer a wider range of courses in every school…

increase the amount of one-on-one tutoring by 40%…

reduce class sizes…

It just makes sense.

If we replaced the four different school systems we now have with a single, secular school system in each official language, we could do so much more for all students. One public system would be extremely efficient with less bureaucracy, fewer office buildings, no duplication of services. All that would free up resources to give students the things they really need.

Here’s how it works

Studies of our current school system have estimated that changing to one public system in each official language would result in savings of $700 million to a billion dollars a year.

These saving would come primarily from a reduction in the duplication of services now provided by four different school systems – the English public school system, the English Catholic school system, the French Catholic school system and the French public school system.

It’s clear that we could free up significant resources by reducing the number of executives and managers, getting rid of the unnecessary office facilities, warehousing and transportation equipment, and streamlining the services that are provided to schools.

The money saved would then be put back into our schools in ways that directly benefit students.

Here are just a few examples of what we could do with $700 million to a billion dollars a year.


5500 new classroom computers into classrooms


280 new music teachers


Much-needed repairs to make all schools safe and modern


A wider range of courses in every school


A 40% increase in one-on-one tutoring


A reduction in class size by X students

What would you do for Ontario’s students with the extra resources?

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