I’ve sold a lot of beer, mobile phones, cars, mutual funds and tacos over the years, but my passion is working with organizations who want to sell ideas and lead social change. I created Joe Hill to do just that. We have amazing people here and create programs that cross all communications disciplines. Our goal is simple – to have a real, measurable and positive effect on society.


For over 25 years, I’ve been helping organizations define and communicate what they stand for – in a way that gets members and publics to stand up for them.

It’s not an easy job. Most organizations have too many messages as well as ingrained habits that block the way to positive change. I think that my most valuable contribution is knowing how to get to the heart of the message and how to gain support and commitment from all stakeholders.

I was a President’s Fellow in Philosophy at Columbia University, write on identity programs and branding issues in Marketing and other Canadian publications, and enjoy taking an active role in my community’s organizations.


I’ve been a creative consultant for SCTV, founding member of, ad agency owner, co-chair of Doctors For Research Integrity and a 2nd Lieutenant in the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, Canadian Army Reserve. I’ve branded the University Health Network, raised millions for Princess Margaret Hospital and Autism research, and helped the Globe and Mail win the newspaper war. What I care about is creating great ideas for good causes and working with people who are passionate about what they do.


I believe that my job is simply to do what is right and best for clients – bringing big ideas, strong visual identities and graphic continuity to all aspects of integrated campaigns. I’m equally at home in print, broadcast and digital.

I came to Canada from Detroit where my family was very involved in political and community organizing. I’m a dedicated supporter of Habitat for Humanity, having spent time building homes here and abroad. I also enjoy the particular challenge of helping churches connect with their communities through highly interactive websites, compelling communications materials and strong visual identities.

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